Oak Furniture and Metalwork

The traditional British furniture wood, the Age of Oak can be said to cover the period from the reign of Elizabeth I (1558-1603) to that of George III (1760-1820).  Unpretentious and often of glorious colour with a fine patina, useful objects such as chairs, presses, tables and smaller pieces were made to be lived with, which is why they remain so highly prized today.  Who would not be captivated by this lovely little 17th century table on bobbin turned legs that went for £3,200.

Vernacular furniture such as this and contemporary country furniture from France, Spain, Italy, the Low Countries and Scandinavia is sold in the quarterly Fine Art Sales.  Attractive lower value oak and country furniture is sold in the twice monthly Antiques and Collectors Sales.

Oak and Metalwork are included in both our fortnightly Antique & Collectors Sales and our quarterly Fine Art Sales.

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